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Potato Kurma

Posted by Madhavi on February 23, 2007


The Potato Kurma recipe has been moved to my other blog with updated pictures. Click the link below for the recipe.

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35 Responses to “Potato Kurma”

  1. swapna said

    Hi Madhavi
    potato curry looks good…i do also prepare this dish..

  2. Bhargavi said

    Hi Madhavi!
    Curry looks delicious.
    We also prepare the same way,..I learnt from my mom. If any guest are visiting then I ll add 1 tbspn of cashewnut paste. This will make curry little heavy and tasty.
    Good day!

  3. Hi Madhavi said

    I was browsing saw your recepie gonna try tomorrow. Could you please teach me how to do Avial??


  4. Hi Madhavi said

    Potato Kurma looks good. Wondering do you know who to prepare sambar with smabar onions??


  5. Madhavi said

    Hi Swapna,
    Thank you.

    Hi Bhargavi,
    Its a great idea to add the cashew paste, it definitely makes the curry rich.

    Hi Kamala,
    Thank you. Do try and let me know how it turns out. For the sambar onion, peel the onion and drop it with other veggies and bring the sambar to boil for ten minutes or till the onion becomes soft. Hope this helps.


  6. Sridevi said

    Hi Madhu,
    Thanks for the Recipe…It came out really good.

    Also had a question….How to store the Cilantro
    leaves very well .It gets spoilt very soon.


  7. Madhavi said

    Hi Sridevi,

    I really appreciate u trying all my recipes. The recipe for potato kurma is given by my best friend. I loved it too.

    Coming to the cilantro, I usually spread the cilantro leaves in the paper towel and put this in a plastic cover and store it in the refrigerator. The paper towel absorbs the moisture from the cilantro and keeps it fresh for long. Hope this helps.


  8. Sridevi said

    Thanks Madhu.Appreciate that.

  9. gowri said

    hi madhu,
    your potato kurma looks yummy. Great photograph. Thans for sharing

  10. vijaya said

    hi madhavi

    I was just browsing for potato kurma and found this n tried it. It was so good

    Just want to ask a question
    can u tell me one curry that goes very well with vegetable palov(excluding aloo)

  11. Ramya said

    Good dish.. a common one.. but the way u presented is good…

  12. sundeep said

    Hi Madhavi,

    Thanks for an easy recipe. :) it came out well…


  13. Gita said

    Hi Madhavi,

    This loooks yummy..but i miss the yogurt part.
    When do I add the yogurt? after adding tomatoes?

    Curious to hear from you.


  14. Gita said

    oh..found it..just missed the info..delete my previous message too..
    sorry to bother you.


  15. a d vara prasad said

    Hi Madhavi,

    Thanks for your recipe, its nice and easy to cook as well thankyou once again

  16. Krishna said


    Can you please give the recipe of traditional Andhra mutton curry?


    Sorry, I dont cook non veg.

  17. deepthi said

    Hi Madhu,

    I tried out this recipe. It came out really tasty.

    Thanks for the recipe.


  18. Sonia said

    Hello Madhu,

    I made this recipe and my family LOVED it. We eat it almost every week! It’s really tasty. Thanks so much for taking the time and posting this recipe on your website.

    BTW- Great picture of the curry! :-D

    Thanks again,
    Sonia and her family

  19. Thanks Madhu For your nice recipe

  20. Pavan said

    Thanks for the recipe.. the curry was great!!

  21. Thamizh said

    Hey thnaks for the recipe.. It tasted really great…..

  22. Geet said

    Hi Mads,

    can you tell me please how cook Muttun pfry and Chhaaapala puludusu……


  23. Vijay said

    I am going to try this one…

  24. nitha said

    its looking good will try tomorrow

  25. Daya Rao said

    Hi ! Madhavi,
    How does it taste, if you add few grams of green peas to it ???

    Daya Rao

  26. Good Recipe…
    We add milk instead of yogurt…

  27. madhavi said

    thanks for the receipe.

  28. Pavin said

    I have tried this and really the curry came out excellent! My wife loved it.

  29. hi the potato kurma curry recepi bahuth acha hai madam

  30. satya said

    can u tell me in telugu i can’t understand please

  31. supriya reddy.y said


  32. sunny said

    thanks for ua recipe

  33. Praveen said

    I tried just now, it’s simple and great taste. Thank you.

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