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Bobbatlu (Puran poli, Obbatu)

Posted by Madhavi on March 24, 2007

For Bobbatlu recipe click here-


My Bobbatlu/ Puran Poli recipe has been moved to my other blog Madhu’s Indian Recipes. Click  here  for the recipe.

Checkout my festival special recipes in my other blog here-

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28 Responses to “Bobbatlu (Puran poli, Obbatu)”

  1. Rajani said

    Hi Madhavi
    Very interesting indeed using toor dal. Thanks for the tip. How are u doing now?

  2. Madhavi said

    Thanks Rajani for the concern. I am doing ok, still tired, but over all i am ok! I really appreciate you asking me about my health.


  3. Asha said

    I love Obbattu,takes a little time but worth the effort.

  4. sia said

    ah obbattu… i love it… perfect looking ones madhavi.
    hope u r feeling better now.

  5. Sushma said

    I love them..looks perfect..

  6. Madhavi said


    I love obbatu too. Like u said it does take time but definitely worth it.


    I am definitely feeling better now. Its so sweet of u to ask about my health.


    Thank q!

  7. Sreelu said


    Obbatalu are mouth watering , for some reason I always had tough time making these,may be I should give it another shot after your yummy looking blog


  8. Mythili said

    Toor dal ah? Interesting. My mom makes bobbatlu with chana dal. Chaala bavunnai mee bobbatlu!

    Happy Srirama Navami.

  9. Geeta Gamya Radhika Devi said

    We have been always been preparing bobbatlu with toor dhal, for our sweet dear Lord Sri Krishna. However all our friends use chana dhal.

    We love them all.

    Very inspiring photos.

  10. Madhavi said

    even for me it took a while to get the bobbatu right. do try them and let me know how it goes.

    thanks andee. amma kudaa chana dal too nee chestaraa bobbatu. maa inlaws toor dal to chestaaru.

    thank you for the nice compliments.


  11. Ramya said

    Hi all I like BObbattu very much!! but dont know how to cook till now. thak u for sugessions madhu..

  12. raaji said

    heelo madhavi how r u this is first time im trying bobattu.i heard that people doing bobattu with chana dal also. as im trying for the first time which dal do u think is better

    Either one is fine. The procedure is same for both. People from andhra and maharashtra do with chana. Kannadiga’s do with toor dal. Depending upon which dal u r used to, I would say use that.

    If u have no preference then i would say toor dal.

    Let me know how it turns out.

  13. aruna said

    Hi madhu,

    mee bobbatlu super nenu try chesanu chala baga vachey,tq.

  14. jegan said

    very good dish.peopel are like this dish

  15. Pallavi said

    Madhu,mee blog & vantalu chaala bavunaayi, very clear description & easy easy techniques bavunaayi, same meeru chepinatey follow ayaanu, bobbatlu chaala baaga vachaayi,

    chaala thanks

  16. sree said

    Oh god, reminding me of home, my Nanamma used to make real yummy. I can’t make it now. Your idea of using another banana leaf or foil is the best way. As rolling is tough, have to be careful and watch out for poli not coming out.

    Happy Ugadi and Sri Rama Navami


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  18. Latha said


    Your step by step instructions are excellent – I have not made the Bobbatlu but the way you lay it out sure makes me want to try it out.

    thanks for the recipe – I plan to print it out for future reference.

    Take care –


  19. sunanda said

    thanks for your mouth watering photos and how to cook it.i tried it for the first time and it tastes superb thank you .

  20. chaitanya said

    hi madhavi,

    how are you?

    awesome taste…outtt

  21. swathi said

    Hello Madhavi,

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I used ur picture in my blog post


  22. pragyna said

    good recipe. But i prepare with chana dal only. My relatives and friends use moong dal.

  23. Rani said

    Hi Madhavi,

    I tried your recipe, it was really delicious and amazing. thankq.

  24. Rani said

    good recipe.

  25. Gayathri said

    Lovely and you made it look very easy…thanks for the tips…gonna make some right away

  26. […] Bobbatlu (Puran poli, Obbatu) […]

  27. […] Bobbatlu (Puran poli, Obbatu) […]

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