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Black chickpeas (Nalla chanagala) Guggullu

Posted by Madhavi on October 10, 2007


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Do you have a lot of dry beans hanging in for months or probably for a year in your pantry? If the answer is yes, then try making this simple and healthy guggulu.

Chick pea provides a good source of protien for vegetarians like me. A lite and a healthy snack to munch in the evening.

• Dry black chickpeas( nalla sanagalu/ kala chana)- 1cup ( soak over night and cook in pressure cooker till soft, but still holding its shape)
• Two green chilles chopped
• Half onion chopped
• Few Cilantro( coriander) leaves
• Fresh lemon juice
• Grated coconut- 2 tsps
• Curry leaves

Cook the dry chickpeas and do a quick sauté by adding two teaspoons of oil, few mustard seed, half teaspoon of chana dal, green chille, hing and onion. Cook till onion becomes little soft. Then add the cooked black chick peas and salt and finish it of with grated coconut and fresh lemon juice.

Note: You can skip the onion if you are making for prasadam.

Madhu’s Vantalu moved – . Check out for new recipes


Add the cooked black chickpeas in spinach sambar or dal.

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8 Responses to “Black chickpeas (Nalla chanagala) Guggullu”

  1. Dhivya said

    I make this jus the same way and call them salad :) or in tamil as they say ‘sundal’ :)

  2. Rohini said

    Hi nice recipe..I too will make sundal but i will not add onion. Nice variation will give a try.

  3. keertibezawada said

    Very healthy Salad…I have a bag full of dry beans at home…:) Time to make these guggullu

  4. Padma said

    Very nice n healthy guggullu! I make without onions for naivedyam

  5. Asha said

    My fave too to have with Tomato Rasam usually. Great recipe:))

  6. Happy cook said

    They loof great and healthy too

  7. I always love this…guggullu is one snack I love :-)

  8. swapna said

    hi madhavi,
    iam doing well,expecting baby boy in 1st week of june.had this gugullu as today’s evening snack.only variation i did was i made a paste of coconut,chillies and cilantro.
    for sure its a healthy snack as it has loads of protein.
    thanks to u.


    congrats swapna. you will have lots of fun with ur little one.
    take care


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