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Atukula upma ( Poha upma)

Posted by Madhavi on March 27, 2008

My atukulu upma has been moved to my other blog. clcik here for the recipe-
The reason for moving the recipe is, I am in the process of merging both my blogs.
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13 Responses to “Atukula upma ( Poha upma)”

  1. looks so easy to prepare..Have nt tried this..will try for sure

  2. shriya said

    I tasted this once in one of my friends place. But never tried it at home.Bookmarked it. Nice recipe.

  3. Dee said

    This is what I ate all through my stay in bangalore.. its called avallaki upma and one of their regular breakfasts!!! I love it though!!

  4. swapna said

    hi madhavi,
    u r right that many of our andhrites are not aware of poha.I tasted it for the first time in pune when i went there for doing my medicine and i loved it very much.Later on in UK i rarely prepare it.
    Thanks to you for reminding me.


  5. Lakshmi said

    We love atukula upma anytime. Sometime I make it for dinner too :D

  6. Madhavi said

    Hi Madhavi,

    First time on your blog. You have very nice recipes. Poha Upma looks mouth watering :)

    Plz do visit @

  7. Venkat said

    This is done in Andhra as well. My mom does it once in a while. Thanks for posting the recipes.


  8. Naveen said

    Hi madhavi garu,
    We are bachelors and always looks to make some fast foods bcoz they r easy to make and less time consuming. I feel this one also same & tasty.Thanking you for posting the recipe.

  9. Raj said


    The boarder dis of andhra they will prepare. We are from prakasam dist. We prepare at our home.
    Rajesh S

  10. sour said

    Hi, Recipe looks good, but it should be eaten hot, doesn’t taste good when it is cold. Our upma taste’s good even when it is cold. But I always feel it is not digestable, after eating effects are very bad. Not a good item.

  11. divya said

    am also preparing this in my home, am in andhra only, its a good break fast but it tastes like lemon rice not a upma taste

  12. divya said

    i also preparing this dish rarely..but it tastes like lemon rice not upma

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