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About Madhu’s vantalu

(Updated on Dec 11, 2012)

Namaste everyone,

This is Madhavi the cook, photographer and the writer of this blog Madhu’s vantalu. In case you are all wondering what Vantalu means – Its means recipes in Telugu.Back in 2006 I had started this blog as a hobby.  little did I realize that I became obsessed with this tiny space of mine.  I blogged for about 2 1/2 years. Made some amazing friends and enjoyed making some traditional and simple recipes mostly from Andhra and karnataka.  along came two adorable kids and blogging took back seat.

It’s been more than three years that I left this space of mine.  Recently when I decided to get back , I started fresh and opened this new blog Madhu’s Indian recipes. While i was enjoying blogging in my new space, i kept coming back to see how madhu’s vantalu was doing. Only then I realized how much I was missing my first baby. Even though I  have not been active lately, I have pretty good following in this blog. With little over 1.36million hits so far, I feel that this little Space of mine needed much deserved attention.

After some deep thinking I decided to keep both my blogs. I know it can be challenging, but I am ready for it.  Lets see how it goes. Madhu’s vantalu is going to be a continuation of our traditional dishes  and day to day recipes.

I hope you support me as you always did with your opinions and comments.

Comments and your feed back help me in connecting with  you and keeps me going.

Hope you Enjoy  your stay here.

Do comeback …..

Happy blogging!

All the recipes in this site are tried and tested by me unless noted otherwise. Please use these recipes only as a guidelines and use your own judgement while making them.

Note: This blog only entertains vegetarian dishes (including eggs).

Copyright Policy: All the content and the images in this site are copyrighted and owned by me unless specified. Plagiarism is not allowed. If you need to use any of this content, please ask first.

55 Responses to “About Madhu’s vantalu”

  1. siri said

    madhu ur okra dish is really great,i was always bored cookin okra as fry after seeing ur recipe cooking it as a curry i am really happy,i will definately try it

  2. Bhargavi said

    Hi Madhu!!
    You have a very nice blog running. Thankyou for adding me to your blogroll.
    Good day!!


  3. sri said

    Hi Madhu,

    I made the marmaralu snack with instructions on your site. It was awesome and everyone liked it…


  4. madhavi said

    hi madhu!
    mee atukula dosa try chesanu for breakfast was great and perfect.thank you for nice recipe

  5. Madhavi said

    Thanks Lakshmi, I am very happy that you enjoyed this lite and a very yummy snack. Its my favourites too.

    Wow Madhavi, we both have same names. Thanks for tryig the atukula dosa. naaku ee dosa chala ishtam, meeru enjoy chesaaru. chaala santosham!

  6. sridevi said

    hai madhu ,
    today only i saw this site. It is very nice to share the recipes through this site. It is very useful…………

  7. Sreelu said

    Madhu ,

    Thanks for comments on my blog ,dosakya pappu na favorite kuda .Masala vada’s look yummy .dill twist is intresting .will try this for my next party.

    Take care,

  8. joel said

    There are a lot of things which I like about india. Two of them are Indian food and Indian classical music

  9. uma said

    Hi Madhu,

    Mee vantalu chala baghunayi.mee home town nellore laga undi. nenu kuda nellore nunche.mee tindora pickle recipe baghundi naaaku.Naaku pickles ante chala istam .inka emina pickes meeku vaste chepandi .any way thanks a lot madhu for good recipes

  10. Geetha said

    Hai Madhu,

    I am Geetha from Las Vegas. I like you blog and used to search for veriety of recipes. I wish you to post more and more recipes.

  11. Geetha said

    Hai Madhu,

    I am Geetha from Las Vegas. I like your blog and waiting for more good recipes

    Thanks Geeta. I will be happy to post more recipes in the coming future. Right now i am kind of busy with my 3 month old daughter. But will get back to blogging very soon.


  12. Sirisha said

    Dear Madhu,
    Thanks a lot,, you are a great cook…

    thankyou sirisha. did u try any of my recipes?

  13. loka chandra prasad said


    iam prasad i work in india but in chattisgarh in bhilai steel plant.
    my wife is very fond of cooking. she likes ur reciepes so much thank u.

    vijaya & prasad

  14. haritha said

    Hi Madhu,

    I loved ur Murmuralu recipe……Great going Madhu so many ppl are getting benefitted from ur blog. Thanks to u.


  15. siri said

    very nice introduction.

  16. chandra said

    ur vantakalu website, i found today on net. it is great.

  17. Jagadish PV said

    Hi Madhu

    You know what, you are rocking!!!

    I like cooking, when I see your website you remind me of all off what I want to do, though haven’t done cooking apart from couple of times in my entire life, my dear mom does that!!

    However such a low hit rate “233,574 hits”

    We have more than 7,000,000 only in Andhra in India to hit your website, look new aspects also!

    Let me come to the basic point, can you help me out, with giving some insight of High Proteins and low Calories Food i.e. vegetables and fruits etc. along with suggesting the good Chutneys, curries etc., and details of Pulses, Grains, Nuts etc.

    Health Conscious you know!

    Waiting for your interest in that aspect also!

    Look forward for your help.

    Jagadish PV

    Thanks for the compliments and suggestions Jagadish.
    I would love to post recipes related to healthy living. As a matter of fact i have been thinking of it for a while. So, you will see more health conscious recipes in the near future.

    Right now i am at my mom’s place just laid back, relaxing and enjoying the authentic spicy Andhra food.

    When i get back, In about 2 months i will post the recipes.


  18. Jagadish PV said

    Hi Madhavi,

    Good to see your positive response!

    I was not sure, if you would like what I said or not!

    However As you tried to understand me, here is other tip!

    Why don’t you use some more photos / video (U tube kind off) to really bring in the procedure/preparation in pictures, let me know what do you think about it.

    Jagadish PV

  19. madhavi said

    Hi !
    Greta to c ur site .We have a lot of things in common as am madhavi and am also very very passionate abut cooking . Even i browse net for recipes and am very interested in cookery shows . and surprisingly my husband is also from Karnataka so even i add a touch of kannada adige in my cooking at times. Pls b in touch. Even i have a daughter of 5 years age. Am from Hyderabad. Anyway very nice to meet you.

    Nice to hear from u Madhavi. I am sure we have lot of things in common. I will post some Karntaka recipes too in the near future. Right now I am in my mom’s place.


  20. Bhargavi said

    Hi Madhu,

    All your receipes sounds great.Good Job…

  21. Vasundhara said

    Hi Madhu
    Just found this website. Must say, I am impressed, like you I love to browse for recipes and watch the Food TV. Your recipes (esp the words you use) and the pics make really nostalgic for Andhra & India. Currently I’m looking for salt restricted Andhra recipes – can you help?

  22. sailaja said


    I Saw Your Blog to day and fascinated by the work you did, On this
    Friend Ship Day , I wish to Greet you as Happy Day ..For the Andhra Taste lovers I too wish to cater . For the Andhra taste plz go to

    Happy Day

  23. Crystal said

    do you teach classes in jaipur?

  24. sripavani said

    hi, madhu

    how r u. recently ihave seen ur vantalu in online.nice procedure&nice pics. i want to learn non -vegitarian specials .can u help me


    I am sorry, I don’t eat non-veg. I only blog vegetarian recipes.

  25. saia said

    Hy, glad to discover ur blog
    Im from europe,but i hope that isnt an issue.
    So,i cant find anywhere a good recipe for daal fry. Not like i eat it in Mumbai, u think u can post one here? thanks,Saia

  26. Sirisha said

    Helloo Madhavi…

    I visited ur blog in searching for okra curry…it’s vry tasty.

    U have a relly nice blog with delicious food..:)

  27. Sirisha said

    Hi Madhavi…I visited ur blog in searching for okra curry.

    U have a really nice blog with lots of delicious food…:)

  28. Naresh said


    just prepared Vangi bath (Eggplant rice) as per your guide lines….and it was too good…thanks…

  29. Philip said

    I like the fact that your Indian recipes are done without a pressure cooker unlike most other places. I never figured out the pressure cooker so this helps.

  30. sindhura said

    Great recipe website
    Inviting you to participate in The bread mania event

  31. Mani said

    Hi Madhu Garu,

    Good collection of Vantalu. Thanks.

    I too worked on a site which have live news and much more info on movies too.

    iPrapancham :: idhi mana prapancham

    Hope your blog visiters like my site too.

  32. venkat said

    Hi madhavigaru
    Mee vantalu chala baghunayi.
    Naaku andhra pachadi ante chala istam. inka vere pachadi recipes unte post chaiyandi.
    Thanks a lot

  33. kiran said

    madu akka nee vantalu super

  34. Ashwini said

    Hi Madhavi,

    I prepared Bisi Bele Bath and it turned out super. I have shared the credits in your name on my blog site. Thanks a mill!!

    Ashwini ~ Konkani Foodie.

  35. Puveshini said

    Hi Madhu Akka,

    ee blog choosi chala ontalu nerskonanu.
    Thanks again!


  36. sandeep said

    hi madhu garu ,i want to know how to made ‘chicken kabab’ please send the procedure of the preparation to my email ‘’if u know telugu plz send in telugu language..plzzzzzzzz

    Sorry,I don’t cook chicken.

  37. hi madhu,
    i like the get together menu. can u plz plz send me mango mousse recipe.

  38. swapna said

    Hi Madhavi,
    how are you doing?hope all is good with you and your family.There are no recipes coming from you these days…i keep checking ur blog and i am disappointed.So just wanted to know if things are going well on ur to the little one.


  39. k sridher said

    Hey Madhu I like all your recipes especially Vangi Bhath. Keep rocking.

  40. su said


    madhu its nice to see ur recipes may i know how to cook PAALATAAKULU PLEASE.

  41. bharath reddy said

    Dear Madhu garu,
    Thanks a lot,, you are a gr8 cook…
    anni chala bagunnai .. easy to prepare…
    kani chicken vantakalu unte inka bagundedhi…
    meeku chichken varieties telisi unte pls mail me:

    Thanks a lot andi..!!

  42. aravinda said

    Dear Madhu garu
    very nice to see pics and procedures of eatables.
    I have learnt more from u r website.
    Thanks a lot andi…!!!

  43. Colosceum said

    Hi Madhavi,
    We came across your blog and we think what we are doing would really interest you.
    Your blog is very interesting and a we are making a show on the same line. Its a FOOD TALENT SHOW which will be on air soon on a LEADING ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL .
    Contact us at :
    Phone no: +91 – 9820125231
    BLOG :
    Other Link :!/event.php?eid=124273537604079&index=1

  44. Naga said

    Mee vantalu chala Bhagunayi VegetablesReceipes are good Chiken varities pls send me my email Id Pls:

  45. neha said

    hello madu blog was good neha

  46. savitha said

    Hi Madhu,

    Why are not updating your blog? Mee vantakalu chaala chaala baagunai.


  47. Prasad SV said

    Maa Teluginti aadapilla Madhu garki, oka sodarudu mee vantakalanu mechi ichithunna oka electronic prasamsa patram. Nijamga mee vantakalanni chaaaaaaaaala baguntunnai. photo choosthe chaalu norooruthundi. Ilage Blog continue chesthu naalanti variki ee vidhamga sahayapadagalaru. ALL THE BEST.

    Cheers & Regards
    Prasad SVN

  48. habeeb said

    please Subscribe to recipes to e mail.Thank you.

  49. Miss. Ketki S. Itraj said

    HI Madhu,

    So friendly language and polite, honest intro.

    Nice to meet you ..

  50. Anonymous said

    is the blog still active?

  51. Anonymous said

    are you still posting new recipes?

  52. Asha said

    Hi madhavi vantalu bavunnayi.i will try them.thank u.

  53. Srikanth Duddala said

    Wonderful Madhu. Nice pictures, clear wordings Keep it up and keep posting

  54. madhavi rao said

    is ur blog still active??

  55. Good info, valuable as well as excellent style, as discuss nutrients
    along together using ideas and ideas, lots of great information and also inspiration, as both versions I need, thanks to offer such a helpful
    information here.

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