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Okra curry (Bendakaya koora)

Posted by Madhavi on November 7, 2006


From my school days, i never liked okra curry that much though i was a big fan of the okra sambar. I always made excuses eating it.Two years back when i went to India, i saw this show of sanjeevkapoor where he made the okra curry. I instantly fell in love with it and now this curry is one of my favourites.

I didnot try this recipe in India, i was too busy eating my mom’s food.  I did try when i got back to U.S and i am glad to share this with everyone. I did make some changes from the original recipe.


  • okra- about 20
  • med onion- 1 1/2
  • plum tomatoes- 2
  • green chillies- 4
  • chillie powder- 1/2 to 1 tsp
  • lemon juice- about 1to 2 tsps
  • few curry leaves
  • cilantro


  cimg0298.JPG            cimg0301copy1.JPG

       Cooking Okra and onion                        Tomatoes added after Okra,onion almost cooked through

Cut the okra in half and slice each half to two or three long slices. In a non stick pan do the popu or tadka ( 4 tsps oil, few mustard seeds, 1 tsp chana dal, 1 tsp jeera, 1 dry red chillie, curry leaves and a pinch of hing) add the green chillies, okra and cook in medium heat till the okra is almost half way done.

Now add the onions ( long thin slices) and cook till okra and oninon is almost done. (I add the okra first because they take more time to cook then the onion). When the vegeteable becomes nice and tender add salt and the red chillie powder.

Then add the tomatoe, lemon juice and chooped clinatro, close the lid and turn of the stove. The heat from the stove cooks tomatoe just little bit. What tomatoe does is, it releases some of its juices to the curry but stills holds its shape because we are not cooking it too much. I like this curry with chapathi because its not too dry and its good with rice too.


                                       Okra curry (Bendakaya koora)

Optional: Ginger garlic paste can also be added.

Recipe adopted from Sanjeev kapoor

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14 Responses to “Okra curry (Bendakaya koora)”

  1. Sandhya said

    Hello ,…

    Thanks for posting this..i really liked this dish.. and my hubby tooo..

    Planning to prepare it quite often.



  2. Madhavi said

    Thanks Sandya, I am glad you liked this okra dish. Even i was on a look for a good okra dish, when i found one i wanted to post it.

  3. Sridevi said

    Hi Madhu,
    Thanks for posting the Recipe.Myself and my
    husband loved it.


  4. Madhavi said

    Thanks Sridevi!
    I am glad you and your husband enjoyed it.

  5. swapna said

    hi madhavi,
    tried ur bendakaya kura today.u know what…it was yummy.

    and hearty congrats,read about new arrival in ur family.did u name the little girl?
    will try ur other recipes also slowly and will let u know.


  6. Madhavi said


    Thank you for the wishes. I am enjoying with my baby and she keeps me very busy.

    Happy to know that u enjoyed the koora.


  7. Shreekanth said

    Hii Madhavi garu,

    Thanks for this dish details…It’s too good.

    I am learning how to cook by tryin some recipes from this site..


  8. saraag said

    chala thanks ma bachelors ke ardham ayeylaga simple ga vundi

  9. swaroop said

    thanks a lot for the recipe. i cooked onion,tomato seperately and then mixed and cooked them. it came out good.

  10. inka cheptharu said

    Curry cheyatam procedure antha chala clearga bagundi Madhavi….
    nenu sincerega try chesa kani…ento asalu kudarale…ippudu mari try chestha :)

  11. muggulu143 said

    Hi this is Muggulu..and hearty congrats,read about new arrival in ur family.did u name the little girl?
    will try ur other recipes also slowly and will let u know.http//

  12. kiran said

    its good and want to learn some more dishes from you

  13. mepoornima said

    Liked the idea.

  14. Gayathri said

    Hi Madhavi ,

    I am newly married and am in the process of learning how to cook . Well , my husband likes okra a lot . Thanks, the preparation is very clear and it is inviting me to cook it, am gonna prepare that for lunch today.

    Best Wishes.


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